Halloween 2020 will have the first global blue moon since World War II

As The New York Times explains:

On Oct. 31 — that's Halloween to you — humans in all time zones will be treated to a blue hunter's moon. A blue moon occurs on the rare occasion when there is more than one full moon during a month. (It doesn't actually look blue.)

A hunter's moon follows a harvest moon (that was Oct. 2), and it theoretically signals a time to stockpile for winter.

The last time there was a full pizza-pie moon (a nontechnical term) in all time zones on All Saint's Eve was in 1944. There was a full moon on Halloween in 2001, but it was only visible in the Central and Pacific time zones. The next full moon on Halloween that will be visible worldwide is expected in 2077, according to the Farmer's Almanac.

Yet another on-the-nose apocalyptic sign coming to you live from 2020. At least we get to sleep an extra hour the morning after?

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Image via PxHere