This heavy-duty workshop apron can hold all your tools while you tackle all those key projects

When you hear the word apron, you likely think of something like a dainty covering 50s moms would hear while they were cooking. But aprons aren't just shielding you from a little excess ingredient or some squirting cooking juice.

Hands-on professionals from artists and barbers to grillmasters and blacksmiths depend on an apron to both protect their clothes as well as protect them from substances or even work accidents we all want to avoid.

For those who know the value of a sturdy apron, this premium waxed canvas workshop apron by Makara can offer all the protection, durability and functionality you need as you battle through your workday or even just tinkering around in the garage.

This tough, durable, water-resistant and heavy-duty apron is not only going to safeguard your clothes from paint, oils, snags and other workspace dangers, it's also ready to serve as your ever-ready utility belt as well.  

This apron sports six strategically located pockets for holding all your critical tools, each with reinforced stitching so the loops are strong enough to tote even weighty hand tools like hammers and drills. In addition to the large pockets and more covet lateral kangaroo pockets, there's even one sized to fit a smartphone and one for your pencil. 

Rather than hanging off your neck like a traditional apron, this unisex apron employs a smart, cross-backed straps design, which not only secures better around your body, but it's more comfortable and better at preventing neck pain than the old design. It's large enough to fit around a waist up to 50 inch and it's even got removable shoulder pads to help lighten the whole thing up a bit if needed.

You'll also find a towel hanger loop as well as a metal ring on the back to hang the whole thing up at the end of the day without having to unload all your tools each time. 

Regularly $39, you can get this unique and impressive workshop gear now for more than $10 off, just $27.99 with the current deal.

Prices are subject to change.

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