This massive cyber security bundle with over 65 courses is available now for under $30

We're all confronted with hyperbole and grand exaggerated statements every day. However, it's without a hint of embellishment to say that cybersecurity has never been more important — and could shape the direction of world events.

Just days ago, cybersecurity experts identified a hacker selling personal information about nearly 186 million American voters. That information alone could ultimately be used in "geotargeted disinformation campaigns" that could have profound implications on an election — and potentially, the fate of a country.

It's scary stuff. But the only answer to cyber threats is the knowledge to help individuals, businesses and organizations fight those threats, knowledge available in training like The Master Cyber Security 65+ Course Certification Bundle.

You can see what you get right in the title — over 65 different courses, all focused on the biggest and most-impactful cybersecurity concerns around. And if you're looking to get a promotion, make a career change, or launch a side hustle as a security expert, this cache of both beginner and advanced coursework can get users ready to tackle all of it.

From web app protection (OWASP) to penetration testing to forensic investigations to cloud security for systems on AWS, Azure and more, these courses offered by LearnNow bring forward top instructors with true expertise in their fields. 

An industry leader for a quarter-century, this library of coursework examines the hottest trends being applied now to safeguard information and systems. LearnNow also leans heavily on getting students certified in various security disciplines. Courses here will get students ready to take and pass critical industry certifications, including CompTIA, CISSP, EC-Council and ISACA.

On top of their easy-to-navigate interface, structured pre- and post-team exams, and top-notch customer support, users here will also get access to new and updated content in these libraries as they debut with no extra cost.

Altogether, these collections would normally retail for almost $1,600, but as part of this massive package now, you get all of the training for less than 50 cents per course, only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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