These six Sony headphone models are all over 50% off

Diehard fans will seldom steer you wrong. Ask them for their opinion on anything in their sphere of love and they'll tell you everything you need to know.

So if you want to know the best brands of headphones, ask headphones experts. And when the fans at Headphones Addicts chose their best of 2020, Sony was right there in the top 5 brands, just behind boutique audiomakers like Sennhauser and Bose. But unlike those other chart-topping manufacturers with smaller lines, Sony is a titan, cranking out headphone and earbud varieties to fit any user's needs. 

And with that many on store shelves, some perfectly great headphones are bound to get returned. Right now, that loss can now turn into your gain with open box and refurbished Sony headphone models now on sale for up to 70 percent off their retail price.

Sony Outdoor Sports Lightweight Bluetooth In-Ear Earbud Headphones (New Open Box) – $34.95; originally $85

While music quality is always key, sometimes, you need headphones built to survive in the world too. This U-shaped headphone neckband keeps the earbuds in place all day while the cables are stored safely with no threat of snags or pulls. Perfect for commuting or all-day listening sessions, Connecting via Bluetooth of one-touch NFC technology, these buds deliver powerful sound, vibrate the neckband when you get a call and bring some pretty serious staying power with up to 20 hours of playback.

Sony XB450AP Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones (New Open Box) – $24.95; originally $80

Let's face it — where many headphone models fall down is serving up weak, tinny bass. No problem for these headphones, sporting Sony's patented Acoustic Bass Booster that does just that, pumping up your bass to bowel-shaking levels. In addition to the lush comfort that lightweight ear-molding layer for extra cushion and performance, it's also got configurable app to manually adjust levels, an in-line remote and even a flat, tangle-proof cord so you never get too wrapped up in anything but the music.

Sony ZX110AP Extra Bass Wired Headphones (2-Pack, Refurbished) – $28.95; originally $60

Built with comfort and performance in mind, these 30 mm driver units deliver full, balanced sound for a punchy and rhythmic listening experience. Then when you combine it with a highly sensitive diaphragm and turn the volume up, you'll still enjoy clear, precise audio across the spectrum. Meanwhile, the closed-back, enfolding design wraps around the ear, sealing in music,  keeping out distractions and banking the acoustics back toward your ears, so you hear everything.

Sony ZX220BT Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Open Box – Like New) – $39.95; originally $95

One word — cordless. Of course, there's always more to say about 30mm dome drivers, which deliver dynamic sound from compact, lightweight units. Meanwhile, a swivel folding design makes it easy to store them when you're not listening and they can slip easily into a suitcase or bag. It's also got a rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours of music playback.

Sony XB650BT Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Open Box – Like New) – $62.95; originally $130

These wireless headphones also enjoy the powerful, clear sound of the Extra Bass boost, a full, deep, resonating sound that's perfect for EDM, hip-hop and other music. A built-in button and mic enables users to take hands-free calls while listening to music and the self-adjusting headband and soft, cushioned ear cups offer long-lasting comfort for the full 30 hours of battery life.

Sony RF912RK Over-Ear Wireless Headphones (2 Pack, Open Box – Like New) – $64.95; originally $220

With these noise-reducing home headphones, you can watch TV or movies privately and without distraction while voice mode lets you focus on every word spoken. Thanks to the dynamic, detailed sound from these 40mm drivers, users can move freely from room to room with a wireless range up to 150 feet. And you can even listen longer with the extended 13 hours of battery life. And best of all, you get two pairs, so you and a partner can both get in on the fun.

Prices are subject to change.

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