PingPongly brings table tennis to virtually any table

When the weather turned too cold to play lawn tennis, rabid fans in Victorian England of the 1880s brought the game inside instead. Before too long, table tennis, or ping pong as it was soon to be known worldwide, caught fire.

And sure, laugh all you want at table tennis in the Olympics or when Forrest Gump turns the game into an art form, but it's the most popular racquet game in the world. And yes, it's definitely a lot of fun.

Of course, keeping a big ping pong table in your house might not be the best use of your available space — which is why the PingPongly Retractable Table Tennis Set strikes the perfect middle ground.

You don't need a table with this set because this ultra-portable net actually turns any table into a ping pong table. Indoors or outdoors, just clip the net to any table more than 2 inches thick and up to 6 feet wide and — voila! — instant table tennis surface.

The net's rubber grips ensure maximum resistance against any surface, so you get a super sturdy retractable net for ultimate gameplay conditions. 

No ping pong game goes very far with only a net, so of course, this set also comes with a pair of durable, rubber-coated paddles and a trio of balls so you can get a game started virtually anywhere.  Dining table, coffee table, picnic table, pretty much any table short of a periodic table is a fair game playing surface for PingPongly.

The set also comes with a compact carrying case that holds all your nets, paddles and balls. It's easy to say this is a perfect toy for the kids in your life, but the reality is, it's pretty darn perfect for the adults you know, too. In addition to being fun, players also stand more than 6 feet apart, so it just might be the perfect gift to bring for any holiday gatherings you might attend this year.

The PingPongly Retractable Table Tennis Set is now more than 25 percent off its regular $49 price, available now for just $36.99.