This black marble Cuisinart cutlery block set is on sale for just $80

A cutlery block knife set should be a staple of any kitchen. Considering the need for super sharp blades for doing almost any kitchen task from de-boning, filleting, carving and chopping, picking up a quality set should be more than just a luxury item.

And beyond the safety issue of using dull knives, think about how much more work it is to start researching and mixing and matching a ramshackle collection of cutlery.

No, knock out the guesswork in one fell swoop with a quality set like this Cuisinart Classic 15-Piece Black Marble Cutlery Block.

Right off the bat, you'll find this all-encompassing collection checks the box for every basic kitchen need. From essentials like the 8-inch chef's knife, the 8-inch serrated bread knife, and the critical 3.5-inch paring knife to a utility blade, a slicing knife and a complete set of six steak knives, this set doesn't leave any situation to chance. It's even got a pair of shears and a sharpening steel to keep everything just as finely honed as the first time you used it.

Crafted from high-carbon stainless steel, each knife holds a precision-tapered ground blade that narrows into an extremely sharp, fine edge. 

The blade completes your cut, but the handle supplies all your control and pressure. Each of these knives sports an ergonomically designed, sleek black marble finished handle, a classic touch that instantly elevates the look of this set way behind even more expensive collections. Secured with stainless steel rivets, these knives are durable and extra-wide to offer more safety and stability.

After use and a thorough wash, each blade slides safely back into the block so all your knives will always be available in one convenient space, rather than a cluttered knife drawer.

As a gift or just a way to improve your own meal prep, this Cuisinart Classic set, is now almost $20 off. Regularly $109, you can get the full collection now for only $89.99.