Dude, tone your face

Let's say you care about the health of your face. True, many men don't give two Steve Bannons about their mugs, but let's just say you do. You are probably already doing a regimen of face washing and moisturizing, but the easy step you need to sandwich in there is a toner.

This is according to celebrity stylist Kristan Serafino via Quartz:

"If you've ever painted a wall, if you don't prime the wall, the paint doesn't go on evenly. Toner is the primer to the skin," Serafino says. "It balances the pH on the skin. When you apply your moisturizer on top of it, it actually is evenly prepared for it."

Toner used to help get rid of oil using alcohol, but the result would lead to dry skin. Most of today's toners are alcohol-free and are made to keep your face's oil production in check. Wash. Tone. Moisturize.

Want to go crazy? Want to go all in on your face? Exfoliate. Twice a week, lightly scrub your face with an exfoliating product containing a mild grit and strip away all the bad to make room for the good.

But honestly, if you're happy being Leatherface, you keep doing you.