This DIY kit allows kids to assemble 50 cool projects and learn all about electronics

No parent wants to push their kid too hard down any particular career path. Beyond the bad look of being THAT mom or dad, you also know the moment you start pushing a kid to be a doctor or lawyer or scientist is almost always the moment they'll decide that's what they never want to be.

That being said, there isn't a parent around who doesn't want their child to have a solid foundation of knowledge in STEM subjects. Science, technology, engineering and math are the fundamentals of many lucrative careers. Without being overbearing, you can still help give your kid a firm understanding of a hardcore STEM subject like electronics…so long as that education is entertaining, of course.

The Mand Labs Electronic Series DIY Kit embraces that idea, offering a range of cool hands-on electronics projects that never forget the primary ingredient in igniting a kid's imagination and talent — fun. 

The KIT-1 assortment includes over 50 projects to be assembled from over 130 different components. Armed with all these circuits, sensors, LEDs and more, each project is laid out in step-by-step detail through books, downloadable guides and videos. Kids don't even need to have any previous experience with electronics to dive in and find success.

The projects start simple, with basic explorations of core electricity principles. Through learning how to measure voltage, current and resistance, making an LED light or a buzzer buzz, or charging and discharging a capacitor, young minds start seeing examples of concepts like Ohm's Law or the Kirchhoff Laws firsthand.

With the fundamentals set, projects escalate right along with the user's knowledge, involving new components coming together to build increasingly complex projects. By the concluding projects, kids are working sensors and transistors to build everything from an automatic night lamp to an IR security alarm to a DC motor and even an H-Bridge, a primary motor driving circuit used in robotics.

For the right inquisitive middle schooler or high schooler, homeschooler, electrical engineering student or hobbyist, these projects are an eye-opening introduction to the wonders of electronics and all the creative possibilities born from those lessons. 

A great holiday gift option for bright young minds in your orbit, the Mand Labs Electronic Series DIY Kit is on sale now for $144.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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