This Unicorn Jerky CBD candy is rainbow candy for Chillin

When you sit down to try something called Unicorn Jerky, you already know you're straying a bit off the beaten path.

However, you can also go in knowing you're in good hands. Since the world is still looking for a steady supply of unicorns, this confection isn't a meat-based jerky product at all. In fact, Unicorn Jerky is actually a hyper-poppy CBD-infused candy that truly embodies its name. 

Dubbed the "Rainbow Candy for Chillin'", each one of these bite-sized treats is a true burst of color and personality, a rainbow-striped morsel flecked with crystallized sugar that screams happy fun at the top of its lungs.

While these candies look like they should be served in Barbie's Dreamhouse, don't be fooled — they're actually each infused with 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD oil. Taking one or two of these completely non-psychoactive candies during your day can effectively help relieve anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and improve your sleep. 

A perfect way to calm down and mellow out from the rigors of a stressful day, it should be lost in the discussion that these Unicorn Jerky candies are also very tasty. Made with coconut oil and pure cane sugar, their chewy consistency and sour tropical taste is a perfectly gentle delivery method for that CBD-aided chill we're all looking for.

In addition to all the taste and health benefits, buying a package of Unicorn Jerky also helps out a good cause. For every 10-candy pouch purchased, maker Sunday Scaries donates $1 to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization aimed at helping LGBTQ youth.

A package of Unicorn Jerky CBD Candy regularly sells for $25, but with the current deal, you can save over $4 off the price and get your multi-colored bliss on for just $20.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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