This solid wood headphone stand can wirelessly charge your devices

As you scan your eye across your home office desk, is it all starting to get a little…cluttered? Junk piling up, cords tangled everywhere, even important accessories littered across your workspace might be turning your desk at home into what your desk back at the office looks like. 

With a little forethought, you can not only clean up your desktop, but make it a little more functional, too. 

This 2-in-1 Wooden Headphone Stand and Charger has a classy look, while being incredibly effective. Handcrafted from premium solid oak or walnut, and black-painted solid steel, this wooden stand sets itself apart from the rest with a unique, geometrically-inspired design and a detailed hand-finish.

Since it's made with durable and high-quality materials, this stand won't fold under the weight of heftier headphones. 

While this stand will always keep your headphones stored efficiently, and with some class, this stand also doubles as a powerful, fully-capable wireless charger. Just slide your Qi-enabled smartphone, earbuds or other rechargeable device on this black wood platform, and the stand will feed energy to your power-hungry devices.

In addition to a 10-watt jolt of fast wireless charging power, this stand also monitors that feed with advanced temperature controls to help ensure safe charging with no threat of overheating or damage.

Even if you have a thick case of up to 4mm thick on your phone, this stand should have no trouble locking onto your device and regulating the power feed to replenish your phone, tablet, or other device back to a full battery charge.

This stand retails for $99, but while the deal lasts, this premium Wood Headphone Stand and Charger is now almost $15 off, at just $85.99.

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