Getting started in old school Dungeons & Dragons

In this Questing Beast video, Ben looks at a number of popular OSR (Old School Revival, Old School Renaissance, Old School Roleplaying) rulesets and touches on what distinguishes each.

If you've seen references to rulebooks like Swords & Wizardry, Old-School Essentials, Troika!, and others, and wondered what they were all about, this video is a great intro. Ben also includes links to acquiring each game and to reviews/overview videos that he's done so that you can delve deeper.

In the above video, he looks at three OSR ruleset types: retro-clones (rulesets that are extremely close to the way old school D&D was originally written), slightly-tweaked OSR rules (largely compatible with old D&D, but with changes that take the original game in a somewhat different direction), and finally, unique rulesets (rules that are a lot like old school D&D, but take things in a very different direction).