Meet Grittney, the sexy female Gritty no one asked for

A London-based costume designer decided to make a sexy female version of Gritty, named Grittney, just to mock Donald Trump's 2020 election loss.

From Philebrity:

"I wanted her to be upsettingly sexy," Riot Rogers told us. Rogers is an aspiring costume designer based in her native London, and as you can see, she accomplished her mission, and then some. Made of upholstery foam, gym mats, scrap canvas, leather lips and 100 feet of hair extensions, Grittney is clearly of the uncanny (Delaware) valley.

"She actually has a defined ass crack and it's the worst thing I have ever done," says Rogers. Why did she do it? Out of a love of Philadelphia so pure — and so frankly without any good reason other than Rogers just really, really picks up what Philly puts down — that it truly touched us. 

I, personally, did not think that Grittys had genders, let alone ascribed to a pathetically human gender binary. I guess I assumed that Grittys were some sort of sentient fungal asexual species. But now I know that the females of the species have breasts and also ass cracks, and I hate it, thanks.

You can listen to an interview with Riot Rogers about her horrifying creation above.

Meet Grittney, The Female Gritty, And Her Creator, Riot Rogers [Philebrity]

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