The QUEER EYE crew gave Gritty a makeover even though Gritty is already perfect

What they should really do is recruit Gritty as a full-time member for the next season. Gritty counts as a queer icon, right?

Gritty livestreamed a 15-minute PowerPoint Presentation about Being Gritty

Philadelphia Flyers' mascot / Real American Folk Hero Gritty has been passing his (its?) quarantine time with daily 15-minute Instagram livestreams. Topics range from Spelling Bees, to Charades, to Golf Tips, to … Gritty literally explaining the meta-ness of his (its?) own beloved existence. It's every bit as glorious as it sounds. Praise be to […]

Nasty Dead Island promo statue "belongs in museum"

The publishers of Dead Island: Riptide produced this remarkable promotional item, a mangled female torso, to maximize its appeal to gaming's all-important squirrel-skinning minsogynst demographic. John Teti hopes that it ends up in a museum, not the memory hole. The exhibit would start, of course, with the sculpture itself, because the longer you look at […]