The SiftEase is a new way to clean your cat's litter box so you and your feline will both approve

There is no denying the conflict between the cuteness and utter joy we get from our cats, and the utter foulness they leave for us later in their litter box.

Sifting through the litter box to uncover what they've left us and removing it before the entire house reeks is definitely not one of the upsides of cat ownership.

Every cat owner is in agreement here. Less time dealing with the litter box is a universal win. The SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner helps make that happen.

Rather than the usual gross scooping process, where you accidently smash, cut or chase waste around in the litter for way too long, the SiftEase allows the entire litter box cleaning procedure to happen in minutes. 

Just take your litter box and dump it into the SiftEase. The 7-inch deep sifting basket then begins to separate and collect the cat waste in the basket, while the rest of the clean litter passes into the holding bin below. Once all the litter goes through, just toss the waste and pour the remaining litter back into the box.

It is not only more hygienic than accidentally leaving bits and pieces in the box during scooping, you also save money by recycling all that unaffected litter for another round.

It takes so little time that it won't seem like such a chore to clean the box. That will certainly come as a big plus for your furry friend, who probably also starts getting pretty annoyed after a few too many days of an unattended box.

You save time, your home doesn't stink, you go through less litter, and your cat is happy–everybody wins.

Regularly $45, you can pick up the SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner at $5 off, Plus, as part of the Boing Boing Store Pre-Black Friday Sale, you can save an extra $15 off, site-wide, for a limited time when you enter the code SAVE15NOV during checkout. That cuts your price all the way down to only $33.99.

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