BetterBack wants to change how you sit and eliminate your back pain once and for all

Your mom always told you to sit up straight. And, chances are, she wasn't telling you that just to hear herself talk.

Posture matters–and for more than just appearances. Right now, about 31 million Americans are experiencing some form of lower back pain. Half of all working Americans suffer from back pain every year, and 80% of the population will have to deal with back pain at some point in their lives.

While injuries and accidents take their toll, you'd be shocked at how much back pain we bring on ourselves just through bad posture. The BetterBack Luxe Posture Support system wants to change all that.

As seen on Shark Tank, and fully funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the BetterBack allows users to sit effortlessly with perfect posture, easing back pain, as it essentially retrains your body how to sit comfortably. It has also received great reviews on Amazon, as a highly rated item for those seeking back pain relief.

Lightweight and portable, you can slide on the BetterBack like a lifting belt, with a pair of slip-resistant, rounded knee pads, held in place by custom webbing straps. Immediately, the ergonomics force your torso upright and eliminate the slouching and hunching that lead to so much back discomfort.

While traditional back supports focus on your lumbar spine, BetterBack stabilizes your pelvis, restoring your spine's natural curvature. It's so natural that wearing it for just 15 minutes a day will start resetting your default posture. Even when you take it off, you'll feel the immediate improvement in how you sit.

Since the point is to have you sitting comfortably, the BetterBack is crafted from high-quality material, including NASA-engineered memory foam to provide full support and comfort at the same time.

Sized to fit easily in a travel bag, you can take the BetterBack with you everywhere you'll be sitting for long periods of time, from work, to your home-office, to a long flight.

If you've been suffering from back pain, or just want to make sure your poor posture never takes you there, the BetterBack could be the therapeutic method that works for you. Regularly $59, you can take an additional 15% off the already discounted price by using the Boing Boing Store Pre-Black Friday Sale code SAVE15NOV during checkout, for this product as well as sitewide, for a limited time. That makes your price just $49.99 while this offer lasts.

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