Become a machine learning aficionado with this training bundle

In the past few days, the U.S. Air Force rolled out new tools fueled by machine learning to help stem the spread of misinformation about COVID. Additionally, the Library of Congress has launched a project on how to use machine learning to better cross-reference all 170 million items in its overflowing archives.

Every day, we see more and more examples of the huge impact machine learning and artificial intelligence are having on our world and our future. And, if you're a product manager, engineer, or business professional, consider how machines thinking and acting for themselves could impact your industry.

With the training in The Machine Learning for Beginners Overview Bundle, learners will get a first-hand view of what the age of machine innovation really means, and how it can be applied to your own projects today.

The three-course collection is led by technology expert, Idan Gabrieli, and offers those who have never dealt with machine learning valuable insight into why it's so revolutionary.

The training starts with Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: Level 1, laying out the basics of artificial intelligence and thinking machines without the need for extensive previous technical knowledge to understand. Students will even learn the process of actually training a model so they can start down the path toward creating a machine-driven system themselves.

In Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: Level 2, users dive into using Python, the key programming language used in most machine learning projects. There's also a deep exploration of how to use the Python-built Pandas data science library to help guide your creation.

Finally, Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: Level 3 leans in to learning the fundamentals of data visualization in Python by using the well-known Matplotlib and Seaborn data science libraries. By the time this course is completed, users will start to see how they can include machine learning principles into their own business.

Normally a $600 collection of training, this offer cuts the price down to only $19.99 for this eye-opening look at where the future may take you.

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