Here's your path to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner status

In most of the top technical fields, certifications are like currency. A seal of approval from a key body can serve as the ultimate gatekeeper to helping you get into a new career like the cloud computing sector.

If you want to work on cloud-based systems, it certainly helps to know the industry leader intimately, which means a thorough understanding of Amazon Web Services. AWS certification is one of the most highly-prized certifications in the category that matters most: dollars and cents. AWS certified pros make an average of nearly $130,000 a year, one of the highest-paid certification positions in all of North America.

You can earn the honor of full AWS approval with the training in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner All-in-One Bundle.

Including a handful of courses with more than 25 hours of video content, and a pair of ebooks, this package is structured specifically to help students learn everything they need to pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, which assesses an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, including basic architecture, key services, security compliance, and other bedrock facets of any system running on the AWS platform.

If you're worried about what is or isn't on the test, this instruction breaks it all down. Once you've worked through the introductory course, you will follow it with 12 hours of video training, including hands-on labs, exam-cram lessons, and smart quizzes to test your knowledge. 

When you feel you're ready, you can dive into a complete Practice Exam Course, which prepares you for the real thing, with nearly 400 practice questions like the ones you'll see on the actual test.

There's also an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Reviewer Walkthrough, which helps explain strategies and basic test-taking techniques for getting you through the exam on your first try. You'll also get over 200 pages of exam-specific training notes, as well as a PDF full of practice tests that can be downloaded and practiced offline.

Considering the effect an AWS certification can have on your earning potential, its usual $300 price tag isn't shocking. But, as part of this offer, you can get this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner training for just $24.99

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