The FITT360 is a wearable hands-free camera for shooting gorgeous 4K, 360-degree video

Your smartphone, while being an unquestioned technological marvel, can also get you into all kinds of trouble. Because it demands so much of your attention, it's easy to get distracted and miss what's happening around you, especially if you're shooting video or taking pictures. In fact, it can even get downright dangerous if you aren't careful.

The FITT360 Hands-Free Neckband Camera may be just the device to help you conveniently and effortlessly record video, while also just enjoying the world around you.

A project funded via Kickstarter, the FITT360 is a lightweight, compact ring that wraps around your collar. As you move through the world, the FITT360 documents your journey, with a forward camera and two rear cameras, combining to create a full 360-degree view of everything happening around you in its full 4K glory.

You can activate the FITT360 through direct controls on the collar, or via Bluetooth, synced to the app on your phone. With a click, you can capture a true first-person view of your world, perfect for vlogging, social posts, or even live-streaming. Footage is recorded and saved in up to 192GB of internal and external storage space. 

When you're ready to share, you can access your video through the app, which seamlessly meshes your footage into a full 360-degree video that also works brilliantly with VR headsets. If you truly want to represent your vision of the world, the FITT360 and virtual reality are a perfect pairing.

The battery in the FITT360 can keep you continuously shooting for up to 70 minutes. Meanwhile, it's also got a bunch of other fun features, including embedded GPS for location tracking and video mapping. And, even when you aren't recording, the FITT360 can still help out as a regular connected headset, allowing you to listen to music, handle phone calls, and anything else a pair of Bluetooth headphones can do.

Regularly $599, you can save over $100 off the price of the awesome FITT360 Hands-Free Neckband Camera with this offer, down to only $489.99.

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