Become a student of any language with a lifetime of Babbel language training at 50% off

Learning a new language is almost like doing a trust fall. You have to have confidence that you've chosen a sound, respected, effective system for acquiring the knowledge you seek.

Babbel Language Learning has the stats and testimonials to help put that concern at ease. Earlier this year, the service announced it had reached the eye-opening milestone of 10 million subscribers. Nearly 750,000 of those subscribers have rated the service to a cumulative 4.5 out of 5 star rating from users in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With the holidays approaching quickly, Babbel is pulling out all the stops to get new users on board, offering one of the biggest deals of the season: a lifetime subscription for access to all the languages in the Babbel arsenal at half off the regular price.

There's a reason why all those former students have such glowing recommendations. Created by a collection of over 100 expert linguists and instructors, the Babbel systems drops you right into an immersive, practical method for learning the language of your choice.

Once you've decided on which of Babbel's 14 different language programs to undertake, Babbel enlists native speakers to plunge you into conversations about everyday occurrences, from travel and family, to business, food, and more. This instruction immediately helps learners sort out core words and phrases that have strong meaning in their language growth, accelerating toward being conversant in their new language faster.

With curriculum created and served in easily digestible 10 to 15-minute sessions, students can always find time for a lesson. In fact, Babbel thinks with reasonable, regular study, most learners will actually be able to carry on a conversation in their new language in just 30 days. While Babbel doesn't make any guarantees, they're confident that if you put in the work, they've got the system to make you a real practitioner of your new language.

Babbel's personalized lesson reviews assess your progress, using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to keep your pronunciation on point, and tailor learning to your particular strengths and weaknesses.

Right now, this deal gives you lifetime access to all 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, German, and more so you can learn at your pace, as much as you want. For $199, about $14 per language, it's a great deal.

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