Humanoid pink poodles camp it up in Seth Bogart's 'Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys' video

Some things never go out of style, like pop music and being creeped out (turned on? I don't know your life) by prancing humanoid pink poodles. Hunx and his Punx frontman Seth Bogart teamed up with Canada's US Girls to create this fun remix of queer anthem "Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys" from the recently-released Men on the Verge of Nothing album. The video pays tribute to legendary choreographer and pop goddess Toni Basil's "You Gotta Problem" video from the '80s, proving that some things will always remain timeless.

Studs and poodles in Seth Bogart's "Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys".
Choreography queen Toni Basil's "You Gotta Problem"