These vibrant colored pens are also ultra-powerful magnets–and a fidgeter's dream come true

Who doesn't want fun things to play with on their desk? The problem is that too many fun toys make it look like you're not doing any work. So, the trick is to find functional, seemingly innocent-looking items that can satisfy all your fidgety idle hand needs.

If you need more useful, yet fun entertainment in your life, then the Magnetips Gel Pen Set might be just what you've been looking for. 

You'll get a set of 20 rollerball fine-tip pens, each with its own dynamic color. The pens use a striking water-based gel as ink, which works to leave an even more vibrant mark on your surface. With a 0.03" (0.7mm) rollerball fine tip, you get a precisely focused line that makes this pen a standout for accurate coloring, sketching, or doodling.

But, right around the time you start wondering why a set of colored pens is really all that interesting, is when you realize that each of these matte-black-finished writing tools is also magnetized. Each pen in the set has a pair of super powerful Neodymium magnets, which means they not only stick to metallic surfaces, but they're highly attracted to each other as well. 

And there isn't anybody who doesn't know how satisfying it is to click, unclick, and reclick magnetized objects together. As a collective, you can keep the entire 20-pen set clustered together for organizational purposes, or you can start letting them spread across your desk and do their own thing.

The set also includes a set of 10 chrome balls, which can serve as interesting bendable joints in stringing several pens together, creating hinge motions, or even just rolling casually from pen to pen. Put your pens together into a structure, craft ramps or spinny things, or even use them as your own desk accessories holder, as magnetized scissors, paper clips, and other metal objects cling to them in organizational solidarity.

Each pen has a comfortable hexagonal grip, durable body, and, thanks to its refillable inserts, might even outlive you. Rather than toss a dry Magnetips pen out, you can just slide in a new replacement refill, and you can continue to enjoy your pen.

The entire set of Magnetips Gel Pens with the chrome balls is a $55 value, but with the current offer, it's all on sale now for only $34.99.

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