Freedrum is a virtual drum kit that feels just like the real thing

For every kid who ever approached a parent with the earnest and eager request to start learning to play an instrument, you'll find a parent who responded with a smile and said, "Sure, honey…anything except the drums, OK?"

Of course, drums are the throbbing, beating heart of any band, from rock bands to marching bands alike. They keep time, rhythm, and serve as the musical backbone. 


Drums are loud. They take up lots of space. They're tough to move around. They're expensive. And…oh yeah, they're really, really loud. Freedrum is the complete smart drum kit that seeks to eliminate virtually every parental argument against having their child learn to play the drums.  

Even as an adult, drums can seem like an impractical instrument to strike up. But, the Freedrum system makes it not only possible, but actually very easy to start learning how to play the drums…even if you don't have drums. In fact, anywhere you can take a pair of drumsticks is a place to bash away with Freedrum.

The centerpiece of Freedrum has four sensors to simulate using real drums. With a pair strapped to the included drumsticks and one on each of your feet, you can virtually replicate the sound of a fully stacked 12-piece drum kit. With a bass drum, snares, hi-hats, kickers, and more, you're ready to start drumming, all without one physical instrument within arm's reach.

Sure, it looks like you're air-drumming, but when synced with the Freedrum app, you'll quickly get the hang of virtual drumming as each of your strokes represents the exact sound that motion would have made on a real-life drum set. And, with a pair of headphones, you can bash and flail like a rockstar–and nobody else will even hear it.

The app lets you completely customize your virtual kit, practicing across 10 different zones, playing to a built-in metronome, or adjusting the volume or effects, like reverb on each of your instruments. You can bring your kit with you anywhere for practice on-the-go, and with just an hour of charging, the Freedrum works for up to 14 hours of drumming. 

Freedrum also works with MIDI over Bluetooth, so you can connect it to your preferred audio workstation, then play or record using an endless library of samples from any software developer.

Compatible with iOS, macOS,  Android, and Windows 10 devices, you can get the Freedrum Complete Smart Drum Kit at 15% off the usual price. Regularly $235, you can get everything you need to get started now for only $199.

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