30 movies representing a century of comedy on film

What's the funniest movie you've ever seen? Comedy is certainly subjective, but a well-crafted funny film that appeals to many is likely to become a hit, then a classic. It may even become a standard bearer for the humor of its era.

Mental Floss named their list The 30 Best Comedy Movies of All Time, which is guaranteed to start arguments even before you look at what's there. But it's not a ranking. It's a trip back in time, beginning in 1926 with Buster Keaton's masterpiece The General. Then we move through the decades, looking at what people found funny in every era. It's like reading through cinematic history, as each entry has an explanation of what made it funny, plus a clip so you can see yourself. It's understandably heavy on the 1970s and '80s, and ends with 2016, because it takes a while for a comedy to become a classic.

You don't have to ready for an argument to enjoy the collection, although you may still quibble about your favorite comedy not being included.