Steve Martin & Martin Short sitting around exchanging roasts

In this video, two wild and crazy guy-friends of 40 years, Steve Martin and Martin Short, are shown casually testing out sharp-witted roasts on each other. Seated on opposite sofas and consulting their laptops, they offer a fun glimpse into their comedic crafting process. The duo, who first worked together on the 1986 comedy Three Amigos! and more recently on Only Murders in Building, have compiled over a hundred pages of roasts.

Predictably, many of these playful insults target how old they are and the quality of their work. Steve humorously sums up their efforts with, "These are terrible, but, I mean, great."

This video is a promotion for STEVE! (martin) a documentary in 2 pieces which is now available to stream on AppleTV. [via Digg]

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