Discover why this inverted lighter raised over $300K on Kickstarter

The average lighter is about as simple an idea as you'll find anywhere. Push a button and get a flame through the top. Unfortunately, simple ideas are often confronted with challenges. 

One of these challenges could be trying to light something you can't reach from underneath, like a candle. With a standard lighter, that means cocking the lighter to just the right angle so the flame can catch the wick. However, that means pointing the lighter downward, causing the flame to naturally angle up — right back toward your vulnerable fingers. We've all acquired a couple of nasty little burns that way.

The Dissim Inverted Lighter was created to address that simple problem. It's actually a solution so game-changing that Kickstarter fans chipped in over $330,000 to make it a reality. Checking out this outwardly simple, yet meticulously crafted lighter, it isn't hard to see why.

Crafted from cast metal components with ergonomic contours and a circle grip, this lighter can fire up safely in two ways: in the traditional upright position, and the ingenious inverted, upside-down position.

With the finger hole offering stability while lighting, the angled flame port allows the flame to be ignited and directed just where you want it–and not back toward your hand.

The pressurized butane fuel tank is regulated with an adjustment wheel designed to perfectly modulate your flame from a tiny flicker to a stronger, longer height to reach more difficult targets.

Meanwhile, the Dissim also helps the environment. While 1.5 billion lighters end up in landfills every year, the Dissim is refillable, so with a simple butane recharge, it's back to full strength and ready to soldier on. That feature alone will likely assure you'll never have to buy another junky gas station lighter ever again.

Regularly priced at $48, you can get the Dissim Inverted Lighter right now for just $39.99 with the current deal.

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