Start 2021 as an electrical engineer with this training for less than $20

Considering how 2020 has played out, it feels like making resolutions about what you hope for in 2021 is a little underwhelming. Under the circumstances, you may need something a little stronger than a simple New Year's Eve promise to achieve your goals.

If your job situation isn't the greatest right now, consider this: starting electrical engineers with less than a year of experience have an average annual salary over $88,000. On top of the healthy paycheck, the need for men and women who understand electricity requirements and how to facilitate them should remain a very marketable skill for years and years to come.

The training in The Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle can get you started down that bright career path. Throughout the 13 courses packed into this mega-bundle, learners get a firm foundation in all the basics, including everything from electrical systems and circuits to machinery, power generation, and more.

This bundle starts with the Basic Concepts and Basic Laws of Electric Circuits course. Even if you've never done any serious electrical training before, this introduction provides the fundamentals any new engineering student needs to know, including foundational concepts around current, voltage, power, and energy. Newbies also explore some basic laws of electrical circuits like resistance, conductance, KVL, KCL, and more.

Armed with those basics, the supporting coursework delves into other major disciplines, so a new electrical engineer is versed in how to handle power delivery systems of any size. Four courses cover different types of power electronic switches, including uncontrolled, semi-controlled, and fully controlled switches. Rectifiers, inverters, and AC and DC choppers may sound like another language now, but with these courses, their role in directing and regulating power becomes clear.

You will learn how both DC and synchronously-powered motors are run, and how each affects machine electricity flow. Students also get some very practical examinations of how a house's electrical system drives everything from fire alarms to phone systems. You'll also get the other end of the spectrum, with a full overview of how to deal with high voltage operations, including how the power plant in your community creates and distributes electricity.

Normally, this career-redefining training is a nearly $1,300 value. But, when you use the early Black Friday access pricing happening right now, you can save an extra 70% off the already discounted total. Entering the promo code BFSAVE70 during checkout cuts your final price down to less than a tank of gas, just $18.

Prices are subject to change.

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