This CBD-infused coffee is the perfect blend of Arabica goodness and cannabinoids

The walls are coming down. Not long ago, CBD was inextricably tied to its cannabis roots, prompting unsubstantiated alarm that any CBD-infused product was basically like doing hard drugs.

Thankfully, the world is growing up from that viewpoint–and quickly. The New York State Department of Health recently relaxed restrictions on CBD products, particularly food and drinks with CBD additives. Meanwhile, the European Union Court of Justice ruled that CBD isn't a narcotic, and that CBD products are free to cross national borders like any other product.

While coffee drinkers already rely on their morning cup to kick their day into gear, new CBD-infused blends like Bean and Bud Balance Coffee can do more than jumpstart the day–it can actually set it off in the right direction.

Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, this brew presents an invigorating blend of the highest quality coffee beans from one of the most coffee-rich regions of the world. These coffee beans grow on the El Diamante Farm in Guatemala, a single-origin spot that cultivates the unique methods for infusing this coffee with industrial CBD, but never losing the grain's genuine properties.

In addition to the rich coffee blend that includes highlights of pear, brown sugar, and even a floral hint, users don't get any artificial flavors or additives. But, they do get a 160mg total potency dose of THC-free CBD for all the natural health and body wellness issues that the cannabis extract can offer. 

First, the naturally calming effects of CBD help counteract the effects of coffee caffeine, so even after your third cup of the day, you never feel wired or jolted full of energy. And, while the full effects of CBD are still under scientific review, many users say it's anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties–not to mention its effects on treating disorders like depression or anxiety–are profound.

Regularly priced at $24, this offer cuts the price of an 8 oz. supply of Bean and Bud Balance Coffee down to just $20.95.

Prices subject to change.

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