Cylance brings AI and machine learning to anti-virus protection

Malware is everywhere. 350,000 new pieces of malware are discovered every day, which breaks down to more than four new threats every single second. Right now, nearly 1 billion malware programs are out there, accounting for more than 7 billion attacks last year.

Considering that overwhelming volume of new threats, users need to be confident that their anti-virus software is up to the task. Unfortunately, the problem with many of the old-school legacy anti-virus systems is that they aren't.

Cylance Smart Antivirus takes a different approach to protecting computers from viruses, malware, and other online threats. Their new world order weaponizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to safeguard your computer and wipe out potential threats before they infect your systems.

While many legacy antivirus software rely on semi-regular updates and signatures to keep your computer safe, Cylance goes to the next level. Rather than waiting for a malware master list to get updated with new threats before then updating your system, Cylance employs cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence to effectively inject your computer with a super-lightweight, neural-net-fashioned brain. That brain has been trained with all the tricks to catch and quarantine viruses before they activate in your system.

And, unlike other antivirus software that has to constantly be scanning to uncover potential problems, Cylance is always on in the background of your computer. When it detects a possible threat, it springs into action to corral and eliminate that malware. With its self-learning core, Cylance says users can expect that ever-evolving brain to continue trapping and exterminating all those hundreds of thousands of newly generating malware threats for up to two years, without any type of update.

Cylance Smart Antivirus works for both Mac and Windows-based systems. Regularly, a lifetime of Cylance protection would cost almost $1,600, but as part of this deal, you can get ongoing Cylance coverage for just $79, a savings of over 90%.

Prices subject to change.