The fully adjustable ergonomic office chair is just the gift for yourself to make work more comfortable

Considering the makeshift way most of our work-from-home environments came together, it wouldn't be unusual if there weren't still a few kinks to be worked out. That's especially true when it comes to the heart of your home office: your chair. Because let's face it, all the daily trials of your work are magnified exponentially if you're also wedged into a seat that's about as comfortable as the middle economy seat on a cross-country flight.

Movement and functional design matter in the chair you sit in all day. And it wouldn't hurt if it had a little splash of style to it as well. The Yaasa Ergonomic Office Chair addresses all those issues in a chair that will make the typical 9-to-5 feel a little less painful.

Yaasa puts a premium on seating that offers personal comfort — and since that means different things to different people, this chair is supremely customizable to fit the exact needs of any user. You can set your seat height and depth, the 3D armrests and backrest angle are adjustable, and the full lumbar support targets your lower spine to relieve pressure. 

And unlike most office chair models, this Yaasa chair comes with a full headrest with neck support, allowing you to ease back in full comfort. This chair proves you don't have to buy an executive-level, high-back chair to get full back, neck, and head support. And the 20"x20" cushioned seat serves as a perfect base to sort your chair into just the position you want for promoting better posture, range of motion, productivity, and all-around comfort in your daily workflow.

On top of that, the Yaasa chair looks incredibly slick as well. Built around a modern, clean, and minimal design, it offers a simplistic but sophisticated look that will fit in an office or even a cozy home office environment. It's also built for durability, fully tested to hold up to 285 lbs. easily.

The Yaasa Ergonomic Office Chair is regularly priced at $369, but as part of the Cyber Week series of deals, you can pick one up now at 15 percent off the regular price. By using the promo code DEC15 during checkout, you can grab the chair on sale now for just $305.99.

Prices are subject to change.