Get VPN and email security protection and keep your cyber world safe with this bundle

Back in 2013, market research firm Global Web Index found 56 percent of internet users were worried that the web was an enemy of their own personal privacy. By last year, that number had climbed to 61%. 

But, considering all the data breaches, identity theft, governmental intrusion, and other attacks targeting you and your sensitive information online, it's almost a surprise that that number isn't much higher.

If you're concerned about your privacy online, that's good – you should be. But, there are means of protecting yourself and your data from all the evils of the web. You can pick up a few of those weapons right now with access to The Premium Privacy Bundle ft. ZenMate VPN and StartMail.

This double-barreled blast of personal protection begins with the cornerstone of anyone's 2021 self-security measures: a quality VPN. That describes ZenMate VPN to a T, which allows users to browse the web fully cloaked under top-level encryption, hiding their IP and masking their traffic every step of the way to ensure total online protection. 

Honored with a Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup, ZenMate VPN's network is already vast, with over 2,700 servers in more than 78 countries, protecting all of your activity on all of your devices. ZenMate also gets users around geo-blocking restrictions, allowing them to watch streaming services, news content, or social media that may be blocked by governments or businesses in their region.

As a private email service, StartMail offers an absolute security-first approach to all email communications. Utilizing state-of-the-art technical and organizational security, StartMail makes sure you and your email never fall prey to outside snoops. Traffic between you and the StartMail servers is encrypted, and all your StartMail correspondence and your folders are stored in your own encrypted user vault with 10GB of storage space.

StartMail employs other protection measures, like allowing users to send private, password-encrypted email to everyone, even if the recipient doesn't use encryption. Users can also create unlimited disposable email aliases, restricting your real email for only those you trust the most.

Right now, you can enjoy the services of both ZenMate VPN and StartMail for a year, a $113 value now available at 60% off, just $44.99 as part of this package.