Amplify your generosity when you give these brilliant charity watches as a holiday gift

After the year we've all suffered, it's tempting to think of the holidays as a time to stop, unwind, and focus on ourselves and our nearest and dearest. Yet, that's not really in the spirit of the season – and considering what many have been through this year, there's no more important time to be thinking about what we can each do to help others right now – like giving gifts that also directly help some amazing causes.

1:Face launched their company in 2012 around the idea that the power of consumers can be used to benefit the world. And, with their 1:Face Charity Watch, they've proven that your spending habits can have a profound impact on the world around you.

Their Indiegogo-funded project crafted a stylish, yet minimalist watch design in a multitude of colors, with each style directing proceeds back to a different worthwhile charity cause.

The watch itself sports a metal alloy frame, a soft silicone band, and a tempered mirror face surface that shows the time at the touch of a button. While the watch is a fine piece of work in its own right, the tech itself isn't as integral here as the cause each watch represents with their striking singular color.

A purchase of the pink 1:Face Charity Watch goes directly to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation in the fight against breast cancer. For every 14 pick watches sold, the foundation provides a vital mammogram service for a woman in need.

If you buy a red watch, you're giving directly to the charity, Keep a Child Alive, focused on helping the 30 million adults and children worldwide living with AIDS. The purchase of 5 red watches is enough to provide the care needed to keep an AIDS-infected child alive for another month.

A black 1:Face Charity Watch signals your effort to help the battle against cancer. For every black watch purchased, the American Cancer Society can provide the necessary education and support to 8 cancer patients and their families.

Finally, buying a white watch signifies your participation in the world fight against hunger. With 13 million people starving in Africa's worst drought in 60 years, every white watch purchased helps aid the organization, Faces of Change, provide food supplements for 16 malnourished children in desperate need.

All together, 1:Face has already changed the lives of over 4.2 million people worldwide, just through the purchase of these items. Regularly $79, you can get the watch that corresponds to the cause you wish to help right now for just $39.99. Even during a rough time for the entire planet, you'll feel good being able to make your statement of support.

Prices subject to change.