Huge submarine found off Maryland coast

A salvage company has found the wreckage of a 1920s US Navy submarine at the bottom of the ocean off the Maryland coast. US bombers sank the USS R-8 submarine near Ocean City, Maryland in 1936 during target practice. From the Baltimore Sun:

The discoverers, Atlantic Wreck Salvage, said in a news release that the R-8 is one of few American submarines resting in diveable East Coast waters that had yet to be located.

"The discovery of any new vessel is exciting," said Capt. Eric Takakjian, a member of the R-8 team who has discovered more than 70 shipwrecks in his career, in a statement. "It appears from the sonar images that the site will reveal a very well-preserved example of an R-class submarine in existence anywhere. We are looking forward to conducting additional research and to diving the wreck in 2021."

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