Rest of imploded deep-sea sub found, with "presumed" human remains

Missing debris from the Titan submersible, which imploded on a deep-sea dive in June, was found at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean near the wreck of the Titanic.

US court documents uncovered after the implosion indicated that [Stockton] Rush ignored safety warnings about the submersible. OceanGate, which organised dives in locations around the world, suspended all operations after the disaster. The hull of the Titan was made from carbon fibre, with titanium end plates and a small window at one end. Carbon fibre is cheaper than titanium or steel and is extremely strong, but it is a largely untested and unusual material for deep sea dives with human passengers.

Medical officials will also analyse remains found there, presumed to belong to the five people who died.

The Coast Guard said that the recovery and transfer of remaining parts was completed last Wednesday, and a photo showed the intact aft titanium endcap of the 22-foot (6.7-meter) vessel. Additional presumed human remains were carefully recovered from within Titan's debris and transported for analysis by U.S. medical professionals, the Coast Guard said.