The KeySmart Max will make sure you never lose your keys again

Vintage styles weave back in and out of fashion, but there are some looks that no one ever wants to replicate. Like…ever.

And while we mean no disrespect to our custodian brothers and sisters out there, there's no one who's ever decided that the janitor-chic aesthetic with the massive jangling keyring was a good look.

So rather than tidying up waste-baskets or recycling bins, how about straightening up that unruly set of keys instead?

The KeySmart Max Key Holder is a completely overhauled take on that old keyring, packed with tons of technologically driven innovations.

Practically speaking, the KeySmart easily attaches up to 14 keys in a compact body, composed of titanium and stainless steel. This is all thanks to its 'S-shaped' design, which allows it to hold twice the number of keys in half the space. Or, you can slot in multi-tool attachments into the frame that can slip easily into a pocket, without all the poking and jabbing.

But, did we mention this is a smart key holder? It's got Tile Smart technology inside, which allows users to track their missing keys on a map in the free Tile app. If you know you set them down somewhere nearby, you can even use the phone to make your keys play a tune so you can hunt them down faster. The KeySmart can make your smartphone ring too, so it works both ways.

The KeySmart has twice the battery life of older models, capable of running for up to two months without a recharge. It also comes with a thermoband that connects the electric panel and battery, so you can charge your KeySmart, while it also serves as a loop piece to connect accessories. There's even a powerful LED flashlight feature built right in.

The KeySmart Max Key Holder makes sure you'll never lose or be embarrassed by your keys again. It usually retails for $119, but right now, as part of this offer, it's available for 25% off, down to just $89.99.