The Quantum X is the world's first upright water filtration vacuum

For most of the past century, vacuums were pretty much just vacuums. They suctioned dirt and other debris up off the floor, then passed it through a cloth or paper-based filter that would trap and collect all the dirt. 

But, a few decades ago, the water filtration vacuum showed up – and changed the game. Now, rather than passing the suction of the vacuum through the material filter, that suction is forced to pass through water instead. In addition to doing a better job trapping the dirt and debris a vacuum is supposed to catch, water filtration has the added benefit of reducing dust that can be spread back into the air from a vacuum's exhaust.

The Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum is the latest step in that evolution, staking a claim as the first filterless upright water vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the regular filters and even the HEPA filters that can clog, the Quantum X effectively sanitizes both the ground and the air without ever losing suction or airflow. And, that all happens without ever needing to replace a filter again. Users can just empty out the water in the tank and replenish the water basin with a fresh supply. The basin also includes microsilver, which can kill nasty pathogens sucked in like germs, bacteria, and viruses.

The engineering has taken the modern vacuum user into consideration as well. The 18-inch telescoping head can be pivoted to help reach all those out-of-the-way places where dust and dirt can hide, while the 10-foot extending hose can take the suction above ground level.

That hose will come in particularly handy since the water filtration means the Quantum X doesn't have to avoid picking up wet spills, like water or spilled beverages. While that would wreck a standard filter, the Quantum X drinks it all up, from mop water, to window washing runoff, to even a nasty pet accident.

You can even add fragrance drops to the vacuum's tank and turn the whole unit into a giant diffuser, actually aromatizing the air while you clean.

Regularly priced at $499, the Quantum X Water Filtration Vacuum is available now at a $100 discount. Plus, if you enter the promo code CLEAN79 during checkout, you can take an additional $79 off your total, bringing the final price down to just $320.99.