This mini massage gun fits in the palm of your hand, pounds tired muscles, and is under $100

Massage guns have become a staple of athletes, trainers, and other workout fans who appreciate the pounding burst of that percussive power after an intense session. Unfortunately, there's a problem with these therapeutic wonder tools: most are so heavy that they feel like you're lugging around a jackhammer.

Assuming you don't have a personal assistant available to lug your massage equipment from place to place, the Addsfit Mini Portable Massage Gun is perfect for making muscle relief a quick and easy fix. No more carting around that cinderblock in your workout bag ever again.

Packed in its own convenient travel case, the Addsfit Mini lives up to its billing as the world's smallest massage gun. The entire unit weighs in at just 12.7 oz., which is literally less than the weight of virtually any workout shoe you're wearing.

Yet, despite its diminutive 5-inch size, the Mini is definitely no lightweight when it comes to the business of pounding muscle tissue. With three separate speed levels, the Mini can serve up to a maximum of 27 lbs. of percussive massage force directly targeted at tight, sore, or tired body parts. 

It actually serves up a 6mm stroke depth, so whether you're using the triggered flat head attachment for large muscle groups and tender areas; or the thumb head for more focused precision percussion on trigger areas and smaller muscle groups, this personal masseur can get beneath the surface and really dig in.

The pure aluminum build fits ergonomically into the hand, making it easy to reach all parts of the body. It's also easy to wipe down and clean after each use to avoid bacterial buildup. There's even an automatic smart shut-off feature when the Mini has been used for over 10 minutes to avoid overuse.

With just a two hour charge, the Mini should be able to provide up to two weeks of regular use before it needs to replenish its battery.

Regularly $105, the Addsfit Mini Portable Massage Gun is part of a final two-day Christmas sale, which can slash 15% off your price when you enter the code MERRY15 at checkout. That lowers your final price to just $89.25.

Prices subject to change.