This 22-course mega-collection can get you on track to become a certified project manager

The median average salary for an American project manager is currently over $115,000 a year. As you'd expect from an employee earning a paycheck that size, companies don't hand those titles out to just anyone. To assume a proper project management position with a respected company, that person has to have an assortment of certifications, as well as a proven ability to implement a methodology around any new venture and guide it safely to a successful end. 

While the path isn't simple, there is still a recognizable path to follow to reach that career pinnacle. With the training in The Premium 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle, students can put themselves well on the way to establishing their own credentials and getting started as a qualified project management professional.

This collection of courses is a big one – packing in 22 separate courses and holding more than 80 hours of in-depth training material. 

Let's be clear – 60 minutes is not enough time to make you into a project manager. But the Project Management in One Hour course certainly sets the stage, laying out the most important concepts and processes for getting a handle on the profession. 

After examining some basic project truths, including effective methods for leading people, understanding risk management, and more, a large portion of this training then turns toward one of the most widely used project management approaches: Lean and Lean Six Sigma methodologies. 

A pair of Lean Masterclass courses explain the way smart managers get better results by eliminating waste from their project pipeline. Meanwhile, a trio of courses apply the Lean Six Sigma methodology, combining approaches that cut down on waste while removing defects to streamline work and get to a successful outcome.

Other courses hone in on getting students prepared to take and pass The Project Management Institute's PMP certification exam, the most industry-recognized certification around for project managers.

After taking in all this training, students are not only versed in one, but several of the top project management styles and methods, as well as having a fast-track toward industry certification to get hired as a PM pro.

These 22 courses usually come with a price tag over $4,400, but right now, the entire Premium 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle is on sale for just over $2 per course, only $45.99.

Prices subject to change.