The world's first bone conduction ski goggles bring groundbreaking tech to the slopes

For the uninitiated, bone conduction audio almost feels like magic. The concept that you can hear clean distinct music and other sounds with nothing physically filling your ears while no one else can hear a thing has a strange, vaguely sci-fi feel to it.

Yet, the allure of hearing both music and the outside world safely without anything plugging up your ears is turning bone conduction technology into a fast-growing segment of portable audio. And, since it's catching on the regular world, it makes sense that bone conducting audio would start popping up everywhere…like the ski slopes.

The IceBRKR Bone Conduction REVO Ski Glasses look just like the normal eye protection a typical skier or snowboarder would wear. However, the IceBRKR is anything but typical, delivering fantastic bone conduction audio, as well as a few extra surprise touches for anyone looking to stay in touch while on the mountain.

While traditional headphones funnel sound waves into the eardrum, bone conduction captures sound in the other method those waves travel through the human body – through our bones. 

Built right into the mask, the IceBRKR's patented behind-the-ears bone conduction transducer translates those signals into a premium soundscape that delivers music straight to you in stereo without the use of headphones or earbuds. It's even more intense when it's paired with your ski helmet, essentially turning the helmet into a vibrating amp for an immersive 360-degree listening experience.

Bone conduction leaves your ear canals free, so you can still hear everything that's happening around you, even as you're zipping down the hill enmeshed in your favorite songs.

In addition to the music, the IceBRKR also keeps users connected, able to make and receive calls, or even use the Bluetooth MESH intercom technology. With the intercom activated, you can literally sync up and talk to up to 18 friends and family at once while the skiing continues.

You can experience the IceBRKR Bone Conduction REVO Ski Glasses now at almost $30 off their regular price, down to only $169.99 with this offer.

Prices subject to change.