This AWS training and practice test package can help you become a certified cloud expert

You may have thought that after 2020, every company that was thinking about moving their digital operations into the cloud had probably made the move already. 

While many companies made the switch last year, it was by no means all companies – and, 2021 still stands to be a huge year of continued growth for some of the biggest cloud-based platforms. That includes the market-dominating Amazon Web Services (AWS), which not only grew by almost 30% last year despite the pandemic, but now stands as the 5th largest IT company in the world.

Anyone who wants to get hired in 2021 could do a lot worse than learning exactly how to migrate, grow, and protect a company's entire digital network on the AWS platform. With the training in the BitDegree Academy AWS Online Courses and Practice Exams bundle, students will understand all the tools at play for companies in the AWS environment as well as what it takes to land a six-figure position as a cloud networking engineer.

This training breaks down life in the AWS cloud piece by piece, spending over eight hours and nearly 200 different lectures laying out how to properly build and maintain a thriving business network with AWS.

The course is fashioned for those who don't have any experience with the AWS interface, or even anything more than a working knowledge of the cloud. The instruction stays focused on what's important, explaining cloud architecture and the tools available through AWS, while avoiding the jargon and other difficulties that can discourage and sidetrack learning.

After explaining how to go about implementing all the features available through AWS, students get into areas like AWS shared responsibility, access management, security practices, and compliance issues. 

Of course, recognition as a certified AWS pro is the ultimate goal of this package – and the 10 Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exams included with the training can be a keen way to test your growing skills. Once you feel you've mastered the AWS platform and its varied abilities, the tests can get you ready to take and pass the vaulted AWS exam on your first try.

The BitDegree Academy AWS Online Courses and Practice Exams usually come with a $199 price tag, but with the current offer, you can get all this AWS training at almost 60% off, only $79.99.

Prices subject to change.