The PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier makes sure your air is healthy and breathable

Once upon a time, air purifiers were mostly only found in the homes of the elderly, the environmentally sensitive, and the all-out germaphobe. Of course, after 2020, there's been renewed attention paid to everything that wafts through the air in everyone's homes and office spaces.

Where health is concerned, nobody is skimping now. That massive growth in purifier sales is why premium air purifier units like the PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier are becoming almost as common as fans and air conditioning units in most homes.

For those looking for a top-notch unit to really scrub the air and knock out any airborne impurities, the P500 is an absolute monster. With its true HEPA filter, the P500 air filter has been proven to remove about 99.98% of all airborne contaminants right out of the air, including mold, dust, pet dander, smoke, and other odors.

That's just part of the unit's six-stage purification system that scours any room up to 550 sq. ft. with a fine-toothed comb. There's a pre-filter that identifies and strains out volatile organic compounds, as well as an activated carbon filter for absorbing odors and chemical reactions. 

From the cold catalyst filter that decomposes harmful gases, to the negative ion generator for cleaning the air, to the UV light sanitizer that kills germs, allergens, bacteria, and viruses, the P500 brings every possible weapon to bear on every potential problem.

In addition to its elite performance, the P500 has a modern design aesthetic and even a soft night-light to cast a soothing glow over your room at night. And, if you need it to work while you're sleeping, it also does its job almost silently, maintaining sound levels below 40 decibels.

Of course, nothing speaks louder than happy customers, as more than 260 Amazon product reviews have landed the P500 an outstanding 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

Regularly priced at $229, you can now save more than 25% off the purchase of the PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier, on sale for just $169.97.

Prices subject to change.