The Motorola Focus89 security camera helps you monitor your home from anywhere

After years of improvements, home security cameras have truly become must-own technology. Setting up in-home cameras, syncing them to your smartphone and other devices, and having 24/7/365 access to check out anything happening within the camera's field of vision is not only peace of mind that any homeowner needs, but it's also become incredibly cost-effective too.

For those looking for the right balance between functionality, ease of use, and a darn good price, the Motorola Focus89 Full HD WiFi Indoor Camera should definitely be on their radar.

At only about 4 inches high, this camera can be positioned easily in almost any room and offers a full 360-degree panning radius with a 90-degree wide-angle view, so you can get a complete HD look over the entire space. The built-in filters can help adjust the color levels in lowly lit areas, and the night-vision feature takes care of your monitoring even in the dark.

Of course, a security camera is needed for when you aren't there – and once users download the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app, they can watch the live video feed in 1080p resolution on their smart device from anywhere. They can also record what's happening with the in-app recording abilities and save it securely to a microSD card or directly to the cloud. The cam even compiles a daily video summary of what its unblinking eye saw, so you can review it every day.

One cool feature of the Focus89 is its ability to let users set up virtual boundaries to more closely monitor important areas in the camera's view like back doors or windows. If the Focus detects any movement or sound in your designated area, you'll get an immediate customized alert so you can check in or call police if needed. 

And, if somebody is inside your home, the unit includes a high-sensitivity two-way mic and speaker, so you can literally send them running at the sound of your voice. Or, you can use it just to chat with a family member or even interact with a lonely pet from anywhere you are.

Best of all, you can expand your surveillance web and sync up multiple Motorola Focus89 cameras to cover your entire home, all at an affordable price. Regularly $49, this camera is now on sale for 14% off, at only $42.95 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change.