Wanna keep the car in the garage? This sale on personal scooters can get it done

From their compact size, to their simple maintenance, to their tiny carbon footprints, there are a ton of compelling reasons to consider using a personal scooter. 

Sure, they make a short trip of even up to a few miles around your neighborhood incredibly easy. But, if you really want a good reason to pull the trigger on an electric scooter, look no further than your wallet. With the average cost of an American commute coming in around $2,600 a year, any one of the scooters featured in this sale essentially pays for itself within a year, often over the course of just a few months.

And, be sure to take advantage of the coupon codes attached to these deals to get up to almost $270 off these five models.

Jetson Eris Electric Scooter

With a peppy 250-watt motor, this scooter from Jetson can transport you up to 12 miles on a single charge, even on hills and inclines up to 20 degrees. The three speed modes give you control of your cruising output, and it only takes the battery about 5 hours for a maximum power-up. Meanwhile, the whole unit folds so compactly that you can easily slide it into a closet or under a desk in between trips.

Get the Jetson Eris Electric Scooter for $459.99 after coupon code SCOOT40 (Reg. $499)

L5+ Electric Scooter

If you're looking for some serious horsepower in a tiny frame, the L5+ should get your attention. The high-density battery brings a lot of zip to the table, helping riders get up to speeds of around 20 mph for a range of up to 28 miles. And, with the polyurethane-filled front wheel, solid rear wheel, highly efficient motor, and a zero emissions, energy-efficient system, this scooter can handle the kind of trips that might concern owners of lesser models.

Get the L5+ Electric Scooter for $848.99 (Reg. $999)

Cycleboard Elite All Terrain Electric Vehicle

Cycleboard Elite Pro All Terrain Electric Vehicle

The problem with many electric scooters is that they aren't built for anything less than perfectly even city street travel. This is not so with the Cycleboard Elite. The custom-designed pneumatic tires provide serious grip and stability, even on high-speed turns. Meanwhile, there's also a hinging deck so you can swap in a new battery quickly to keep the 450-watt silent rear hub motor spinning like a champ. 

Meanwhile, the Elite Pro not only packs in all the cool features of the Pro like the three-wheel lean-to-steer design, the responsive dual braking system and easily foldability, it's also got a few extra tricks up its sleeve. Drivers get full suspension that absorbs every bump of the road for a smoother ride, as well as a 48-volt, 1,000-watt gearless motor that can propel the Pro up to 27 mph.

Get the Cycleboard Elite All Terrain Electric Vehicle for $1,349.10 after coupon code CYCLEBOARD10 (Reg. $1,499)

Get the Cycleboard Elite Pro All Terrain Electric Vehicle for $1,710 after coupon code CYCLEBOARD189 (Reg. $1,899)

Cycleboard Personal Golf Vehicle

Now, take all the coolness of the Cycleboard Elite and make it handle the contours of a golf course. This streamlined personal golf car is designed just for golfers with a high torque geared hub motor, responsive hydraulic brakes, one-hand throttle operation, and even a handy space in front to carry your golf bag. It'll cut your time on the course in half.

Get the Cycleboard Personal Golf Vehicle for $2,429.10 after coupon code CYCLEBOARD10 (Reg. $2,699)

Prices are subject to change.