Get one of these space heaters to combat the cold of winter

With January here, it's easy to think that the worst of winter is over. Unfortunately, as recent years (like last year) have shown us, it can remain pretty steadily chilly all the way into April and May. If you've got central heating, you're going to be getting pretty sick of those bills by then. 

The work-around answer is a space heater – and right now, we've got five models on sale now at up to 62% off. 

Plug N' Heat Personal Space Heater – $29.99; originally $79

The Plug N' Heat has full 360-degree rotation and two different fan speeds, so you can set up exactly the heating you need. With built-in constant temperature control, you can set your preferred temp. between 60 and 90 degrees, then use the remote control to let it run for anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, and then shut off automatically. It's also got overheating protection to make sure the unit never gets too hot.

iPM Q9 1,000W Space Heater – $59.95; originally $99

It looks like a portable mini-fireplace – and once this thing is pumping out heat, it feels like one too. With a wood-burning flame effect, this free-standing heater radiates heat that can be controlled through the control panel on top, or with the accompanying remote control. Just set the temperature you want, then let it run virtually silently as it fills up a room with heat in a matter of minutes.

Cool-to-Touch Digi Heater – $34.99; originally $69

Most portable heaters would scald your hand if you touched them during operation, but this digital heater is absolutely cool to the touch. With 350 watts of heating power, you can set the temperatures digitally on the easy-to-use display, and get the room to the toasty warmth you want, quickly. Then, you can unplug and move it to another room, if you like. And when you touch it…it's cool. Which is…very cool. 

Värme Portable Air Heater with Detachable Hand Warmer – $84.99; originally $99

The trippy minimalist Scandanavian design might earn this unit a spot in your room regardless, but once you know it's also an innovative portable space heater too, the deal is done. With a speedy 3-second heat-up time, the Värme also has a detachable hand warmer that pops right out of the heater, with a phase-changing wax inside that holds temperature to keep it warm for up to an hour. 

SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater – $328.95; originally $410

If you glance at it, you might think it's a solar panel. But, this sleek piece of smart tech is actually the savviest radiator that's ever been built for home use. Using infrared heat and graphene-based heating technology, it heats the lower half of your room and not the ceiling, saving you more than 30% off the cost of regular heaters. There's remote access with a wealth of smart features, smart zoning to adjust your comfort by area, and a way to monitor exactly how much money this heater is saving you.

Prices are subject to change.