The SteakMaster Gas Grill turns out steakhouse-quality meals at home in just 2 minutes

We realize it's still frigidly cold in many places, but advanced planning for summer 2021 needs to start happening now. And, even with so much still up in the air about what life will even feel like six months from now, it's time to get the ball rolling today. 

Of course, the centerpiece of any summer will always end up circling around grilling. And by loading up your new year with a brand-new SteakMaster Gas Grill, you can instantly throw down the gauntlet to any and all competitors so they know they are only pretenders to your grill master throne.

Constructed for both indoor and outdoor use, the SteakMaster uses the tactics employed by premier New York steakhouses to help chefs turn out perfectly cooked restaurant-quality steaks at home each and every time in just minutes.

The trick that makes the SteakMaster such a culinary beast is two-fold. 

While a regular BBQ grills meat at temperatures around 750°F, the ceramic burner inside the SteakMaster fires up like the heart of the sun, radiating up to 1,500°F of intense heat. That process turns what could be a slow, 10- to 15-minute grill into a flash inferno, creating a steak cooked to your liking in only two minutes instead.

And, while most grilling happens from coals, wood, or burners underneath your slab of meat, the SteakMaster attacks your protein from overhead. From above, that intense heat sears the top of your cut, locking in all the flavorful goodness before moisture can boil up and rise out of your meat. That caramelized outer skin sets in just seconds, but holds all the secrets to a well-cooked and truly tasty steak. Of course, this grill is versatile too, so it's also got all the skills for handling chicken, fish, seafood and other dishes as well. 

In addition to the variable temperature control and electric ignition system, the compact size of the SteakMaster makes it a perfect fit for smaller spaces, while leaving enough room to keep utensils, seasonings, and sauces close by. It's even equipped with multiple cooking zones so you can whip up veggies and other treats at the same time.

Retailing for $399, you can get a SteakMaster Gas Grill right now and save $100 off your total, getting you in perfect summer grilling shape for only $299.99.

Prices subject to change.