This grooming vacuum will help reduce dog and cat fur around your home

You love your family and friends. You love your spouse. You love your kids. But, even among those things you treasure most in this world, there's still a special kind of love you hold only for your pet. 

For as much as we shower our love and affection over these furry family members, there isn't one of us who hasn't been close to insanity at some point trying to get all that @#$%! pet hair out of…well, everything.

While nothing short of a hairless animal will ever truly solve that problem, the Shed Pal Pet Fur Grooming Vacuum comes pretty darn close.

The Shed Pal is a cordless grooming tool that can help owners brush out their dog or cat's fur gently and thoroughly, without creating a giant mess. This handheld unit creates a strong, battery-powered suction while the soft rubber nozzle glides over your pet in virtual silence. 

As the Shed Pal moves, it's efficiently grabbing hold of all those detached hairs and whisking them away into the attached large-capacity hair collection canister. Once the session is finished, it only takes popping the end off the canister to dump all that stray hair into the garbage before it can gather on your furniture, clothes, and every other surface in your home.

The Shed Pal doesn't have any of those wire bristles that can be painful for your animal, and it works on everything from coarse, short-haired cats and dogs, to slick, long-haired pets as well. Of course, this unit doesn't have the loud noise you'd usually associate with a vacuum, so your pet stays cool and in place for their grooming.

And, if by some chance your darling beast still sheds fur around the house, the Shed Pal also functions as your quick and easy handi-vac to suck it right up.

The Shed Pal Pet Fur Grooming Vacuum usually sells for $69, but as part of this offer, it's available now at over 60% off, just $24.99.

Prices subject to change.