From reading and math to social skills, Homer is a proven online aid for the distance-learning age

Back in March, most parents thought stay-at-home orders and the advent of distance-learning would mean a few weeks of discomfort before getting kids right back into the classroom.

Unfortunately for millions, that's not how education has played out. Instead, despite the best efforts of most teachers and education professionals, learning has become fraught with delays, lack of time and resources, technical difficulties, and other hurdles for children now struggling under trying circumstances.

For parents, particularly the parents of young children, a year of disjointed learning at that crucial time in their development can have devastating effects. Those parents are now teachers more than ever before – and an aid like the Homer early learning app can help incalculably in making sure that kid doesn't fall through the current educational cracks.

Homer is crafted for children 2 to 8 years old, who are still getting familiar with the basics of learning – from reading and math, to creative thinking and developing social skills. 

Developed by child educational experts, the Homer Method is a proprietary approach to learning that actually personalizes itself to how each child learns best. Focused on both academic and social-emotional skills, Homer offers more than 1,000 lessons, stories, and fun activities sorted by interest, skill level, and type of learning. 

From toddlers, to kindergartners, to young learners, Homer adapts and grows with each child, teaching them the right skills at the right time, in a gamification fashion that makes kids excited to play and learn.

Through these fun, interactive lessons, youngsters develop their skills in foundational subjects. The reading sessions form a personalized pathway that builds essential skills, from letters and sounds, to sight words, to eventually reading and spelling. In math, confidence is built through number recognition, which becomes counting before moving on to number operations and more.

There's also a heavy concentration of non-subject-based, yet equally critical skills, from critical thinking and problem solving tactics, to social and emotional learning for spotting and reacting to emotions in themselves and others.

Homer has produced plenty of success stories, generating a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from more than 17,000 reviews in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Meanwhile, Homer works smoothly on all the most popular platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

A one-year subscription to the Homer app, a $119 value, is now available for over 65% off, just $38.99.

Prices subject to change.