Biden's mullet

As much as it was fair to tee off on the disgraced former President's ridiculous coif, with the peculiar slicked and swooped sidewalls over each ear, criticizing a president's appearance, to the degree they have control over it, is equally fair.

President Biden has had hair plugs or transplants or whatever, I don't care about that. It's the short mullet above the nape of his neck that needs attention. With the back of his hair not trimmed flush to the contour of his neck and skull he looks doddering. It's like the old dude who forgot to shave his whole face or the lady who has misaligned the buttons on her sweater and doesn't realize it. All credibility is lost.

Any kind of Biden profile on a presidential commemorative coin should not have that unseemly hair flap hanging down and emblazoned in 24 carat gold for the ages.

The Simpson's Mr. Burns sports a similar back hair ledge that rides too far up on his head, and Biden's is evocative of the aged energy mogul.

With 3 good snips I could get him to perfect respectability. On a stool in the Rose Garden with a towel tied around his neck, talking about the grandkids.

Mr. President, for the good of a stately appearance and the projection of your high aptitude to leaders foreign and domestic, please take me or a professional stylist up on this. Abraham Lincoln grew his iconic beard after 11 year-old Grace Bedell sent him a letter telling him how good he would look with one. I would like to be that young girl now.