Footage of voice actors from The Simpsons improvising in character

Ay, caramba! In this awesome clip, we get to see some of our favorite voice actors from The Simpsons ditching the script and going rogue with their characters. In 2003, Dan Castellaneta (as Homer and Abe), Nancy Cartwright (as Bart), Harry Shearer (as Mr. Burns and Smithers) and a handful of other Simpsons' voice actors gathered on the set of Inside the Actors Studio.

Now, usually, you'd expect some serious talk about the craft of acting, but not this time! Host James Lipton throws caution to the wind and encourages these talented folks to let loose and give us a taste of their improv chops.

What happens next is pure gold. We get Homer's trademark "D'oh!" and Bart prank calling Moe's Tavern, and, well, give it a watch!

And while we enjoy this, it's also worth noting the evolution of the show's portrayal of characters. Years later, Hank Azaria would make amends for voicing the Indian character, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon.

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