Cloud computing will remain one of 2021's biggest growth areas –this training explains it all

Every year, U.S. News and World Report compiles its Best Jobs list – and once again, the venerable news outlet has determined it's pretty great to be a network architect. For another year, the role of computer network architect is on their list of the top 10 technology jobs around, with an unemployment rate of just 0.7% and a median salary of over $112,000 a year.

And, with another 8,000 such positions expected to open up over the next decade, now is a stellar moment to get schooled in the ways of the cloud and master its abilities to join that highly employed, well-compensated crew of industry pros.

With the training in The 2021 Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle, you can put yourself right in line to join this expanding workforce as cloud migration continues its rapid expansion in virtually all business sectors.

The training begins with introductory courses like Cloud Computing for Beginners: Infrastructure as a Service and Getting Started with Cloud Computing, which spell out what a newbie needs to know to understand a cloud system, regardless of the service platform. If you don't know the differences between private, public, hybrid, and multi-clouds, how computing, storage, and networking all interconnect, or what makes each of the different cloud service models unique, you will after this training.

With its emphasis on independent control and scalability, many operations follow the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model, so the three-part Becoming a Cloud Expert course series explains the tools available through the Microsoft Azure platform for crafting a system to a company's specific needs and growth plan. Whether it's learning how to oversee virtual machines, maintain performance and security levels, or expand the cloud network when the time comes, this training can help make that happen.

Finally, the Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners collection brings together three more courses that don't just aim to explain how programming-autonomous thinking computers works. It also gives students a game plan for building deep learning systems of your own and implementing their time-saving skills into any sound cloud-based operation.

Each course in The 2021 Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle is a $200 value on its own, but right now, the entire collection is available now for just over $3 per course, at $29.99.

Prices subject to change.