Consumer Reports loves the GhostBed… After trying out the memory foam, you probably will too

It's not often you find an industry where the top-selling product is also the one that customers find the least satisfying. That dichotomy pretty well sums up why buying a mattress turns out to be so much tougher than people expect.

According to Consumer Reports, about a third of all mattresses sold are innerspring mattresses – yet they don't seem to make a lot of those customers happy. Only about two-third of innerspring purchasers say they were fully satisfied with it. Meanwhile, the satisfaction rates for other varieties like memory foam are up around 80%. Consumer Reports loves and recommends the original GhostBed Memory Foam Cooling Mattress from GhostBed.

Founded in 2015, GhostBed is one of the original 'mattress-in-a-box companies', featuring mattresses that come right from the manufacturer to you via the web. And with more than 25,000 positive online reviews, customers say they knocked it out of the park with their first swing.

The GhostBed is a non-allergenic memory foam and latex mattress that offers top-flight comfort and support for any type of sleeper. The sleeping surface actually conforms to the sleeper's body, which not only serves up a solid night's sleep, but also stabilizes the body, aligns the spine, and takes care of the aches and pains better than other traditional mattresses.

Built on a firm, yet comforting 7.5-inch high-density base, a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam features larger cells than other memory foam to better help transfer heat away from the sleeper as they sleep. 

Add another aerated latex foam layer for added transference and a smooth, soft cover and users get a bullseye mattress that scores a pitch-perfect 6.5 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale.

At 11 inches high, the GhostBed fits most existing frames and foundations like a glove. And with a 101-night risk-free trial period, you'll have ample time to determine if the GhostBed is your slumber solution.

At a savings of almost 30% off the regular price, you can score your own GhostBed Memory Foam Cooling Mattress now for over $300 off, at just $766.99.

Prices subject to change.